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Female Dancer's Warm Up T-Shirt With Peach Logo


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Show your love for Shen Yun with this form-fitting boatneck T-shirt — something you can wear for any relaxed occasion.

The logo features a female dancer in traditional Chinese costume, said to be inspired by attire worn in the heavens. She is flanked by the Chinese words “Shen Yun,” meaning “the beauty of heavenly beings dancing.”

100% comfy cotton, tailored fit.


• Boatneck collar
• Seamless
• Fitted 
• High-quality cotton 60 double-side weaving for more comfort wear
• Extra soft touch
• 100% Cotton
• Color: White
• Logo color: Peach

- Size Chart

• XSbust: 16.50”front: 20”back: 20”
• Sbust: 17.3”front: 20.9”back: 21.3”
• Mbust: 18.1”front: 21.7”back: 22.1”
• Lbust: 18.9”front: 22.4”back: 22.8”
• XLbust: 19.7”front: 23.2”back: 23.6”

Made in Taiwan

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